Monday, December 29, 2003

Time to clean up the blog

I'm on vacation this week and going to find time to do some clean up
of my blog.

It should all be unseen to the reader, but this will now use some
handy blosxom plugins - meta, entries_index_tagged,
strip_unix_comments, texrite, theme and better support for rss, rss10,
atom. (liferea doesn't validate m
y rss feed
which is the real impetus for this)

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Holiday Pictures

Before the children descend (25 Dec 2003)

The kids at 6:45am before they attack (25 Dec 2003)

The kids are all up asleep/watching videos so I'm here ripping the
new Talking Heads' href="
Once In a Lifetime [Original Recording Remastered]
x boxed set
and reading Anne Rice's href="
Blood Canticle

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Happy Birthday Baby Mithras!

Today is the birthday of Mithras the Sun God!

But the actual choice of December 25 for Christmas was made under the
Emperor Aurelian because this was the date of the Winter Solstice and
was the day devotees of Mithras celebrated the dies natalis solis
invicti (birthday of the invincible sun).

Mithraism, like Christianity, offers salvation to its adherents.
Mithras was born into the world to save humanity from evil. Both
figures ascended in human form, Mithras to wield the sun chariot,
Christ to Heaven. The following summarizes the aspects of Mithraism
that are also found in Christianity.

"Mithras, the sun-god, was born of a virgin in a cave on December 25,
and worshipped on Sunday, the day of the conquering sun. He was a
savior-god who rivaled Jesus in popularity. He died and was
resurrected in order to become a messenger god, an intermediary
between man and the good god of light, and the leader of the forces of
righteousness against the dark forces of the god evil."
- Pagan Origins of Christmas


The great festival of the Mithraic calendar was held on December the 25th, and
the 16th of every month was kept holy to Mithras.

Now that Wendy and I are done with our annual late night parental duties, it is
time for bed. Look for holiday pictures here later today.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

2003-12-18 Bloggercon irc transcript is here

More from href="">Berkman Thursdays
meetings webcast/irc chat. href="">G
the IRC log if you want it

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

LOTR: Return of the King

Amazing sweeping battle scenes, but if you are a Tolkien purist, you'll hate it
I saw the 8:40-12m showing last night and it was a pretty full theater.

The Orange County Genealogical Society Quarterly / Volume 33, Number 3 Quarterly (November 2003)

[What is this?]

  • Historical Fund to Memorialize Roger King

  • Holiday Meeting Program

  • Lost: Blooming Grove Archives

  • Donations: Jacob Youngblood, Revolutionary Verteran, His Ancestors and D
    donated by author Dale J.C. Youngblood

  • Ancestor Table: Nancy Elston Schimmel

  • Orange County Wills

  • Bible Records: William Thompson Family Bible

  • Civil War Veterans Buried in Phillipsburg Cemetery

  • Obituary of Mary Ann Phillips Arnot

  • Where They Went: Wayne Co, Pennsylvania

  • Newbury Directory for 1858-1859

  • Orange County New York Early Marriages

  • Records of the Town of Wallkill, Orange County, NY

  • Programming: 6 Dec 2003 Special Holiday Meeting, 3 Jan 2004 No Program, 7 F
    eb 2004 Program not yet confirmed

Thursday, December 11, 2003

2003-12-11 Bloggercon irc transcript is here

More from href="">Berkman Thursdays
meetings webcast/irc chat. href="">G
the IRC log if you want it

Thursday, December 4, 2003

2003-12-04 Bloggercon irc transcript is here

I listened in via realplayer and was in IRC during href="">Dave Winer's href="">Thursday blogger
meetings. href="">G
the IRC log if you want it