Friday, December 30, 2005

Top 10 search queries bring people to my blog

1. w32codec related for debian/ubuntu -- 4720
I'm not able to play DVDs and WMVs using xine. A better resource is

2. gideon taylor -- 2095

Back in 2003, I purchased his 1857 family bible on ebay, it is
nice that it is back in the family again. Seems to also be the
name mentioned in an anti-semitic tract on the internet.

3. ipodder on debian/ubuntu related -- 1012

I wrote about getting early iPodder versions working on
debian/sarge and Ubuntu. It as since been packaged up and in the
debian/ubuntu repositories.

4. xinerama support on debian/ubuntu -- 234

X11 dual head support -- I had it working on Ubuntu/Dapper but an X
upgrade last month broke it. It seems the xorg.conf I was using
isn't quite right...

5. installing ubuntu -- 219

I'm kind of surprised of that many hits. I'm currently running
Ubuntu/Dapper on my corporate hp nc6000 laptop.

6. ive seen things ive seen them with my eyes -- 217

Who doesn't love that flash video?

7. grub related -- 185

The hp/compaq ProLiant servers include the SmartArray RAID whose
cciss driver uses /dev/cciss/c0d0p0 for the first partition which
still confuses grub. There is a simple work around.

8. hollie vise -- 176

Hollie Vise was at Gymnastics Village where Trevor is on the boys
team. I took a couple crappy photos.

9. gymnastics videos -- 156

I had some short videos of Trevor (Level 5 Boys), but took them
down when I started running out of web space.

10. flickr uploadr -- 132
I hacked a quick nautilus wrapper around an existing perl-based
Flickr::Uploadr and made it available. Lately I've been using

And some random searches...

166 people look for words that rhyme with something (bacteria rhymes, what rhymes with becoming)

51+ hits for people looking for maggot or larvae infested breast

Guatemalan sex pictures -- 2

2004 Lisa Directory -- 2

donating blood blogs -- 1

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yellow Jackets Meet

Nice Vault Trevor!

Originally uploaded by marcn.

Trevor had an excellent vault this morning and got him second place in that event.

In the All Around he placed 9th in Level 5 (Boys 10 & 11).

Floor: 8.6 (8th place)
Horse: 7.2
Rings: 8.7 (6th place)
Vault: 9.85 (2nd place)
P. Bar: 8.7
H. Bar: 8.6 (10th place)

See all the photos from the meet here on flickr: Yellow Jackets Meet [2005-12-11]

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

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10 years of GEN-NYS-L mailing list

Makes you feel old when the mailing list you started
has been around a decade.

Genealogy in New York State (Gen-NYS-L) is still going strong, but most of the action
seems to have moved off to various websites now that the internet is more accessible.

Just sent this birthday note to the list:

Today is the 10th Birthday of this mailing list!

Below is part of the first message I sent through to
the mailing list. It was initially hosted on my $2000
Pentium 386/33 with 4M of memory and 120M disk running
a very early version of the free, open source operating
system Linux and connected to the internet over a 56kb
dialup, usually in the evenings after work.


Marc Nozell (nozell@wildcat.MV.COM)
Mon, 4 Dec 1995 21:41:40 -0500

Hi, I'm the gen-nys-l mailing list owner.

At the request of Jerry Dafoe <jcdafoe>, I've created
the GEN-NYS-L mailing list for the discussion of genealogical research
in New York State.


Since then it moved to in 1996 and has had over
27,721 messages distributed to subscribers. Thanks to
for supporting and allowing it be so productive.

As of this evening, there are 423 subscribers to GEN-NYS-L and
208 subscribers to GEN-NYS-D.

Congratulations everyone!

GEN-NYS list admin

Marc Nozell (