Friday, December 30, 2005

Top 10 search queries bring people to my blog

1. w32codec related for debian/ubuntu -- 4720
I'm not able to play DVDs and WMVs using xine. A better resource is

2. gideon taylor -- 2095

Back in 2003, I purchased his 1857 family bible on ebay, it is
nice that it is back in the family again. Seems to also be the
name mentioned in an anti-semitic tract on the internet.

3. ipodder on debian/ubuntu related -- 1012

I wrote about getting early iPodder versions working on
debian/sarge and Ubuntu. It as since been packaged up and in the
debian/ubuntu repositories.

4. xinerama support on debian/ubuntu -- 234

X11 dual head support -- I had it working on Ubuntu/Dapper but an X
upgrade last month broke it. It seems the xorg.conf I was using
isn't quite right...

5. installing ubuntu -- 219

I'm kind of surprised of that many hits. I'm currently running
Ubuntu/Dapper on my corporate hp nc6000 laptop.

6. ive seen things ive seen them with my eyes -- 217

Who doesn't love that flash video?

7. grub related -- 185

The hp/compaq ProLiant servers include the SmartArray RAID whose
cciss driver uses /dev/cciss/c0d0p0 for the first partition which
still confuses grub. There is a simple work around.

8. hollie vise -- 176

Hollie Vise was at Gymnastics Village where Trevor is on the boys
team. I took a couple crappy photos.

9. gymnastics videos -- 156

I had some short videos of Trevor (Level 5 Boys), but took them
down when I started running out of web space.

10. flickr uploadr -- 132
I hacked a quick nautilus wrapper around an existing perl-based
Flickr::Uploadr and made it available. Lately I've been using

And some random searches...

166 people look for words that rhyme with something (bacteria rhymes, what rhymes with becoming)

51+ hits for people looking for maggot or larvae infested breast

Guatemalan sex pictures -- 2

2004 Lisa Directory -- 2

donating blood blogs -- 1