Thursday, September 30, 2004

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

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  • Channel9 Forums --
    Aggregation of people working for Microsoft Tagged as: [AggregatedBlogs RSS]

  • Planet Mozilla --
    Aggregation of people working on Mozilla Tagged as: [AggregatedBlogs RSS]

  • Planet Perl --
    Aggregation of people working on Perl Tagged as: [AggregatedBlogs RSS]

  • Planet Sun --
    Aggregation of people working for Sun Microsystems Tagged as: [AggregatedBlogs RSS]

  • Planet Apache --
    Aggregation of people working on Apache Tagged as: [AggregatedBlogs RSS]

  • planet n --
    Aggregation of people working for Novell Tagged as: [AggregatedBlogs RSS]

  • Planet Planet! --
    Yet another web-based aggregator. Edit config file to add new feeds, good for set-and-forget sites like PlanetGnome, PlanetSUN, etc Tagged as: [AggregatedBlogs RSS]

  • Planet SuSE --
    Aggregation of people working for SuSE (a subset of Novell) Tagged as: [AggregatedBlogs RSS]

Monday, September 27, 2004

Emma's own "John Kerry" sign

Emma just loves the Kerry/Edwards sign she made Saturday at the headquarters.

She knows the letters are L E 5 4 and E S 5 4 and that it says "John Kerry".

Emma’s own John Kerry signEmma with official John Kerry sign

Sunday, September 26, 2004

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  • Goatse Rescue Floppy --
    If you don't know what Goatse is, don't ask and certainly don't download this 'rescue' disk ;-) Not safe for kids or those with weak stomaches. Tagged as: [humor reference]

Saturday, September 25, 2004

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Making signs for Kerry/Edwards

In preparation for Sunday/Monday's visit to NH by John Edwards, the entire family helped the [Kerry/Edwards]( campaign headquarters in Manchester make some signs. Tomorrow Wendy is attending a NH campaign meeting and help drive some national campaign staff and/or press around.

Griffin, Trevor and Spencer took most of these photos:

John Kerry Headquarters in Manchester, NHSigns for Kerry/EdwardsMore signs for Kerry/EdwardsStill more signs!NH loves KerryWe love you John (Spencer pointed out that it could be reused when Kerry visits)John Edwards NH Loves U

Friday, September 24, 2004

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Thursday, September 23, 2004

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1848 letter from Capt John Bright to brother

Last week I bought an old letter on [Ebay]( from Capt John Bright of Cambridge, MA to his brother in 1848.

[Last year other strangers pointed me]( to an Ebay auction for a [Gideon Taylor/Sarah Burr 1857](, I was alerted to the auction by some stranger who suggested that it may be related to my wife's BRIGHT line.

Seemed like a good deal at $15.

Here are some smaller versions of the scans I made tonight. Drop me some email if you want a copy of each of the 9M files.

Front of 1848 letter from Captain John Bright to brother

Front of 1848 letter from Captain John Bright to brother

The seller was nice enough to include a photo copy of some background info from "U.S. Naval Institute" by Carl C. Cutter (1961), pg 484 has a line from the "Queens of the Western Ocean", Center line, Ripley Center & Co, 73 South St., Mobile Agents est 1824. (In Boston? NYC?)

Year Vessel Tons Masters
1824 Bg. Susquehanna 207 J. Bright

The column with the "Bg." is untitled, but the other entries are "Sp.", "Sch.", and "Bk." Some type of ship type? (eg. Schooner)

Max Cleland at Kerry/Edwards event

I was downloading images off of the camera and found this picture of [Max]( [Cleland](
that my wife took at a [Kerry/Edwards](
event last week in Manchester, NH.

Max Cleland in Manchester, NH (2004-09-13)

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

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  • --
    blog about Tagged as: [blog delicious]

looking for a WordPress, Markup RSS bug

Here is a link: [link](

Which is a link to

The problem is the resulting RSS contains something like this:

a href="

Where there is an ampersand pound 95 semicolon in the above line which is not valid in
an href.

This is a by-hand link that uses underscore: with real under

14th anniversary

They went by quickly.

height="217" alt="Marc and Wendy circa 1989" />

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

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IT Conversations and other interesting listening

Yesterday I listened to [Adam Curry's]( Daily Source Code and the Dave Winer collaboration, [Trade Secrets](

Last night poked around with []( and downloaded all the 'stock' content that came with the []( script.

IT Conversations audio is a gold mine! The only problem is not having enough time to listen to everything that interests me.

I don't have an ipod (or an [Apple ipod + HP](, but the car does have a CD player, so get_enclosures may need to be hacked to burn a daily CD.

Monday, September 20, 2004

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

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Friday, September 17, 2004

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Yet Another DailyDelicious hack for WordPress

I wanted a nice simple way to mirror my daily bookmarks that I've added to []( into [WordPress](

Stephen Eyre's [dailydelicious]( was close, but
not exactly they way I wanted it. He used the RSS feed, but that doesn't give a good daily cutoff.

So, I present Yet Another Daily Delicious php script: [yadd.php](

It asks for just today's bookmarks using the published api, parses the XML, generates nicely formatted HTML and creates a WordPress entry.

Here is the writeup from the code:
- - -

This is yadd.php V1.0 by Marc Nozell ( based on
Stephen Eyre's dailydelicious

See for the latest version of
'yet another daily delicious' (yadd.php)


1) Edit the section below. At the very least use your
username and password ($del_user/$del_password)

2) Put there file somewhere on the server where you run WordPress.

3) Arrange for this page to be hit once a day, say 11:30ish your
local time. seems to track UTC so depending on which
timezone you live in, some bookmarks from your yesterday may show
up. Consider using a simple cronjob that looks like this:

30 23 * * * $HOME/bin/

where looks like this:


4) In the morning edit the entry if you wish. I've tried to generate
pretty HTML so it will be simple to edit the entry.


Anyone that hits the URL for this script will cause your current
bookmarks to be dumped into WordPress. Clearly this is not

You have some options. The easiest is to keep this URL 'secret'.
Name it something unusual and put it in a non-obvious place.
Remember that if you display your web hit stats, the url will be
exposed. A better solution to use .htaccess to limit access. If
you do that remember to update the url wget uses to include the
username/password, something like this:



funny NSFW story

A few weeks ago I was at work reading a blog on Microsoft's developer's blog site about some lessons learned on a particular development project. Boring project management stuff really. The second comment was along the lines of:

"Good stuff. I've just finished defending my masters paper on this same topic. Click here to read it http://www.some-reasonable-looking-site/lastmeasure"

Bam! Tons of popups, moving, resizing windows, really disturbing porn/violent images all over the place, but the best part was the sound -- at the loudest volume -- 'HEY EVERYBODY! I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORN!' repeated over and over and over.

Fortunately I had headphones on at the time and running Firefox on Linux, so killing it was simple.

Sadly, it appears the MS blogger has removed the comment from his site and I've X'ed out the
offending site. However if you are clever with google, you'll be able to find where it has moved to.

Here is the email I passed on to some (now former) friends....

Subject: Hey everybuddy!

Here is a cool new site. Make sure you have the volume turned way
up -- it may be hard to hear.


It works best in a work environment.


Best viewed NOT at work and with the headphones on.

I got the link from one of the comments
of the article "21 Rules of Thumb “ How Microsoft develops its Software"

This is a much more obnoxious version of the previous URL --

Thursday, September 16, 2004

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Sample of Griffin's stop motion movies

Griffin was the sole director, producer, photographer and set designer for this mini-movie.

All I did was knock down the resolution for the web version (the original is 20M, this is only 2M)
and run the magic command to convert it to an animated GIF image (convert -delay 20 *.jpg output.gif).

[Check it out!](

Send kudos to Griffin by sending email to his first name @ his last name dot com

Friday, September 10, 2004

making stop-motion videos

This evening Griffin and I made some stop-motion videos using some clay figures he made and my HP camera.

[Take a look](

This is how we did it:

* Set the HP 318 Camera to the lowest resolution, turn off flash
* Screw in the little tripod I got years ago for one of the first webcams
* Have plenty of light
* Take about 90+ photos
* dump onto my Linux/Debian laptop (gphoto2 --get-all-files)
* Convert to an animated gif ( convert -delay 10 IM*.jpg out.gif) with a 10/100 second delay. Realize it is a huge 20M file
* Convert to AVI ( mencoder "mf://IM*.jpg" -mf type=jpg:fps=7 -ovc lavc -o output.avi) which gives a much smaller (~1M) file.

Repeat until the batteries need to be recharged.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Back to School tomorrow!

In honor five of our six kids heading to the school bus tomorrow, I present this picture of me, perhaps the day before *I* had to go back to school.

On the whole, I'd rather read my comic book

Originally uploaded by marcn.

On the whole, I'd rather read my comic books

Have fun kids! Mom & I have been looking forward to this day for about 13 weeks...

Saturday, September 4, 2004

flickr upload for gnome's nautilus

This evening I noticed that there was a new perl module in CPAN by CPB Flickr::Upload. So I hacked together a Nautilus script to integrate uploads with the Gnome file manager.

If you want to give it a try,

* Install the perl module Flickr::Upload using either CPAN or download from
* Grab this script
* put it in your ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts directory
* edit the following lines for your own use:

my $FLICKRPASSWORD = 'somesekretword';
my $FLICKRTAGS = 'i like traffic lights'; # space separated list

It works find on my debian/sarge laptop, but should work fine on any other gnome desktop.

Patches would be welcome.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

HP's Technology at Work Linux edition

HP has a new website to track all things Linux @ hp. You can sign up for Driver, Patch, Security and Support alerts/notifications for just specific products.

[Technology at Work Linux edition]( (

Yeah, yeah, I work at HP, but its still is a handy website.