Tuesday, September 21, 2004

IT Conversations and other interesting listening

Yesterday I listened to [Adam Curry's](http://live.curry.com/) Daily Source Code and the Dave Winer collaboration, [Trade Secrets](http://secrets.scripting.com/).

Last night poked around with [ipodder.org](http://www.ipodder.org) and downloaded all the 'stock' content that came with the [get_enclosures.pl](http://www.ipodder.org/) script.

IT Conversations audio is a gold mine! The only problem is not having enough time to listen to everything that interests me.

I don't have an ipod (or an [Apple ipod + HP](http://h10049.www1.hp.com/music/us/en/ipod_flash.html)), but the car does have a CD player, so get_enclosures may need to be hacked to burn a daily CD.