Friday, November 1, 2002

Scary Christian Halloween tracts

When the kids came back from Trick or Treating this year there was
a piece of paper in their bag:

The Pumpkin

A young boy asked his playmate "What is it like to be a Christian?"
The playmate said, "It is like being a pumpkin. God picks you from
the patch, brings you in, and washed all the dirt off of you. Then He
cuts off the top and, scoops out all the yucky stuff. Then He removes
the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc. and then He carves you a new
smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the
world to see."

Man those christians are one scary bunch! It reminds me of
Hannibal Lector cutting heads open, scooping out brains and then
carving your face with a knife. Nice.

A google search on the tract finds links at

(google cache)
(google cache)
which appears to have just republished the article by April Shenandoah (Can that be a real name?) Check out those sites -- it is a gold mine for loony Christian opinions like STAR WARS FILMS PROMOTE NEW AGE MESSIAH


  1. God is Good the devil is Evil. Just remove a o from Good and a D from devil

  2. And an anagram of sjudahist is: JUDAS SHIT. So I guess that settles this theological debate.

  3. Two wonderful sites to go to are
    and the "The Skeptic's Annotated Bible". The world definately needs fewer "Us vs. Themmers" to survive. Peace will never exist on this earth as long as the terrorist mentality survives - Christian or otherwise!

  4. This tract could be the best thing your kids ever got for Halloween! Teaching children that Jesus is the ONLY way to be saved from an eternity in HELL is way more important than getting a great piece of candy. Maybe you don't want your children to go to heaven - but that doesn't mean THEY don't want to. I just don't "see" the tract in the way you do - it's simply a PARABLE that when you allow Jesus into your life he will remove all the dirt (sins) and remove the old desires (greed, envy, hate, etc.) and HIS light can shine from you to LIGHT THE WORLD! It in NO WAY resembles Hannibal Lector a FICTIOUS EVIL character - you should be more concerned about a REAL EVIL entity - SATAN who WILL blind you to the need to accept JESUS as your savior. I pray that you and your children's eyes and hearts will be opened to the message from GOD, that JESUS SAVES. AND I AM NOT a "loony Christian!"

  5. Here's a site for you - it shows "christians" according to your point of view. BTW it is a FAKE "christian" church - you probably wouldn't have figured that out by yourselves!

  6. Jeneice aka Ladybug, please watch this: