Saturday, July 31, 2004

New favorite T-Shirt

Wendy picked up a T-shirt at a yard sale today. It says:

one by one
my children
steal my sanity

Monday, July 26, 2004

Cool, funky mixes

When I was hacking on a way to migrate from [blosxom]( to [WordPress]( I was hanging out in the #wordpress channel on IRC and met [drDave]( who has made some cool music mixes. I've burned them into CD for the drive home and this weekend the older boys wanted a copy for their CD player. My favorite so far is retrogressive2.mpg, but drDave_MiniMix_I.mp3 is bopping too.

Check it out: [Dr Dave's Blog]( (Hint: navigate over to the Online Empire section on the right side)

Thanks for the hours of tunes drDave!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

silly email disclaimer from NH Governor's office

A coworker used the webform to send a comment to Craig Benson, NH Governer.

Check out this disclaimer that was at the end of the response.

This email and any attachments are confidential and are intended solely for the use of the individual to whom it is addressed. If you are not the addressee or the person who delivers email to the intended recipient, be advised that you have received this email in error. Any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of this email is strictly prohibited. If you received this email in error, please immediately notify the sender by replying to it and then delete the email. Thank you.

Any use is strictly prohibited? No printing?! Doesn't is seem a bit excessive since this is coming from a government employee?

Saw a hawk in Nashua

These pictures were taken looking through the window of my office building.

I've never seen a hawk just standing on the ground.

Hawk 1

Hawk 3

It has been a good summer for wild life sightings for the family. We've seen a couple of red foxes in town, a young black bear running across the Kangamangus Highway, a large snapping turtle
in Amherst, garter snakes in our yard, a nest of woodpeckers in a neighbor's tree and even a squirrel raiding and eating a baby bird.

I'll try to dig up the turtle pictures. Too many digital photos to search through....

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

HOWTO migrate from blosxom to wordpress

For my piece of mind, please backup your wordpress database before proceeding. I don't want my instructions to cause you to lose data.

  • Grab my mt blosxom flavor files and add to your $datadir. Right-click to save these files:, ,,

  • Edit and change the line "AUTHOR: marc" to whatever
    username you will be using.

  • If you are using the blosxom clicktrack plugin (00clicktrack),
    disable it.

  • Visit your blosxom site using the mt flavor:
    http://yoursite.local/cgi-bin/blosxom?flav=mt and save it into a
    file named import in your wp-admin directory. You may want to try
    this: lynx -dump http://yoursite.local/cgi-bin/blosxom?flav=mt >

  • Take a look at the import.txt file you just created. There are some
    things you may want to fix now rather than after the import.
    • Lines are wrapped at 79 characters, so long URLs or entry titles may be broken.

    • If you have a habit of using a bunch of dashes to separate text, the importer
      may get confused and think it is the beginning of a new entry. Consider replacing
      - with =

    • All the categories will be something like /nh (based on the pathname). You may want
      to remove the leading slash. You can fix this after import and well as build up
      a category hierarchy, so it isn't a big deal.

  • Follow the standard WordPress instructions for import-mt.php.

  • If you don't like your categories named with a leading slash (eg:
    /nh), then edit your new WordPress categories.

  • Start going through your posts and clean up any messes...

I'm migrating from blosxom to wordpress

My webhoster just setup MySQL access for my site so tonight I'm migrating.

Rael has done a great job with Blosxom, but I wanted blogging engine was web-based ( shows how nice such interface can be) and that had a large active development community.

The fact that my webhoster doesn't charge extra for MySQL is a plus too.

Once I've migrated I'll post the blosxom flavor I wrote to help the migration. It basically generates a Movable Type export format that WordPress can import using import-mt.php.

Take a look and then bookmark this new location:

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Let's just say we are happy

Go John Go!

Nozell/Thomas family with John Kerry

Go John Go!

Nozell/Thomas family with John Edwards

Monday, July 5, 2004

Alien images from last night!

Some pictures I took last night around dusk.

The Alien's scout ship! (04Jul2004)

The Mothership lands! (04Jul2004)

Some unrelated images I took at the same time (04Jul2004)

Okay, so digital cameras don't do a good job catching fireworks (04Jul2004)

The best part about fireworks in Merrimack is we can see them from the
neighbor's driveway and walk 30 seconds and be home. The worst part
is always the bugs...

Independence Day Parade

The family walked with the John Kerry campaign yesterday.

Kerry supporters in Merrimack, NH (04Jul2004)

Emma suporters Kerry (04Jul2004)

Go Emma Go! (04Jul2004)

Someone's homemade sign in Merrimack, NH (04Jul2004)
The text is: "Presidents should know the truth, Presidents should tell the truth, its time to change government"

Someone's homemade sign (reverse) in Merrimack, NH (04Jul2004)
The text is: "Democracy requires the truth"

Kerry supporters' "WMD" shirt (04Jul2004)
The text is:
"Dispose of
G. W Bush
of Mass