Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My top 10 Android apps

Everyone seems to have a top 10 list of Droid apps, so here is what is currently installed on mine:

Useful, go get:

  • Advanced Task Killer Free -- very simple way to kill of apps that are left hanging around

  • AppManager -- nice way to manage your apps includes info on space used and can uninstall apps

  • Barcode Scanner -- used by other scanning apps

  • Battery Graph -- track battery level

  • Book Mobile -- scan ISBN from a book and have it added to your google book list. Sometimes it can't add to the list on google.

  • Color Blindness Test -- I'm red/green deficient

  • ConnectBot -- ssh client

  • Divide and Conquer! -- fun game

  • DroidLight -- handy flashlight replacement, turns on camera flash

  • Foursquare -- silly GPS location 'game'

  • GDocs Notepad with Sync -- little note taker that stores up on google docs

  • GDocs -- not written by Google, but lets you get to your google docs

  • GeoBeagle -- Excellent geocaching app, highly recommended,

  • Goggles -- Take a picture of something and google will try to identify it, works best with books, logos, etc. By Google.

  • Google Sky Map -- Very cool reality enhancement. Go out at night and hold the droid up to the sky to see names and info about stars, planets, etc. By Google.

  • Hypnotic Spiral -- silly toy

  • Maps (Google) -- Excellent interface. By Google.

  • Moon Phases -- handy

  • My Tracks -- Notes GPS tracks and uploads to both Google Docs and Google Maps, very handy for tramping around in the woods

  • NetCounter -- track network traffic on 3G network vs WiFi network

  • Network Discovery -- Sort of a nmap port to the android that lets you find out what else is on your network. Integrates with ConnectBot to ssh to servers.

  • Oblique Strategies -- a Classic.

  • Places Directory (Google) -- Show lists of what is nearby you. By Google.

  • Ringdroid -- create ringtones from any mp3

  • Sand Blaster -- physics simulation game similar to Powder

  • Seesmic -- Nice twitter client

  • Show Accelerometer -- toy to show off the accelerometer

  • Spark -- toy

  • The Weather Channel -- nice weather app with widget interface too.

  • ThinkFree Mobile

  • tickr -- surprising handy Flickr slideshow app that needs a bit more polish

  • Voice Recorder -- Excellent free voice recorder, integrates into email to send or upload audio recordings

  • Waze -- fun mapping/directions tool that also has a game element (munch dots on untraveled roads)

  • WiFi OnOff -- widget to turn on/off the Wifi from the homepage

Handy, will likely stay on the phone

  • androidVNC -- VNC to linux boxes. Servicable, but tricky connecting to a 2 monitor system.

  • AK Notepad

  • Banshee Remote -- requires downloading and running a little python server on the Linux box running Banshee. Could be handy, but may not fit how I listen to music.

  • Bluetooth File Transfer

  • Documents To Go

  • Dolphin Browser

  • Evernote

  • Favorite Recipes

  • iSilo -- I use this on my palm pilot, may be useful.

  • NPR News

  • Photoshop.com Mobile

  • Pandora

  • Qik

  • SAT Vocabulary

Not fully evaluated

  • Aldiko

  • Amazed

  • Androbex

  • Android Network RSS

  • Beelicious

  • CompassNavi

  • Contact Owner

  • Craigslist

  • Flickr Photo Frame

  • Gmote

  • GPS Status

  • Hyperspace LITE

  • Layar

  • Listen

  • MeteorLiteWVGA

  • NewRob

  • On Air

  • OpenLoopz for Android

  • Opera Mini

  • Owner

  • PalmBookReader

  • Plasma Puddle

  • RaySpy

  • Reader

  • ScoreNinja

  • Shot

  • Simple GPS

  • Slacker

  • SmartTraining

  • SnapPhoto

  • StreamFurious

  • SwiftTweets

  • SystemMonitor

  • Trap!

  • Ustream Broadcaster

  • Ustream Viewer Beta

  • Where

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stormtrooper off duty at Nashua Winter Stroll

Woman seated in a chair, with a man

Woman seated in a chair, with a man, originally uploaded by marcn.