Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Office Archeology

My group is moving offices soon and everyone is tossing out stuff so
it doesn't have to be moved.

Treasures uncovered so far:

width="151" height="92"

* "VMS Forever" and "I (heart) My VAX" bumperstickers (watch for it on ebay.com
* Desktop-VMS 1.0 and 1.1 CDs -- Circa 1989 'ease of use' VMS distro. Just pop
the CD in the drive and it leads you through creating a VAX cluster of VAXstat
ion 3100s. Included of number of DECwindows-based (X11 with DECW$ toolkit) sys
tem management apps designed for the VMS newbie.
* Compaq 1998 project plan for "Linux Investigation" -- Mostly produce install
docs for ProLiant 1850R & AlphaServer 800 for the Linux 2.2 kernel.
* Andy Goldstein's 5-May-1988 memo to VMS V5 Development Team about the Kevin M
itnick breakin and the procedures on how we were going to verify 100% of the co
* LaTeX-generated printout of "Real Programmers write in Fortran" about Mel the
* LaTeX-generated printout of "Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL"
* Bunch of Perl Journals (RIP)
* Marketing glossies for MailWorks for UNIX (aka OSF/1, aka Tru64)
* Christmas holiday card from the Microsoft MCIS Product Team
* Christmas holiday card from Red Hat
* Unopened(!) Microsoft Internet Explorer V2.0 Beta Internet Bro
wser for Windows 95 (required 386DX, 8MiB memory, 1-3MiB disk, 14.4 bps or fast
er modem)
* Bunch of 2400b Scholar Modems
* External 100MiB SCSI disk (MAC connectors)
* Addy's birth announcement web page (April 1998) printed out in color on high

Can't wait to see what gets uncovered today!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Mini-travelog of SF -- pictures from my business trip

I had (still here -- Sippin' Starbucks and surfin' wirelessly) some
free time during the Intel Developers Forum and took some walks about
the city with Bob, the Guatemalan worry doll that href=http://www.nozell.com/griffin">Griffin made for me.

Tuesday I walked over to city hall to see all the folks waiting to get
married before the court ruling baring same-sex marriages. Quite a
lot of people queued up and a bunch of press. Alex Chiu (?) was there
getting his word out too. Lunch was at the excellent Cha-Am on Folsom
and 3rd.

Wednesday I took a cable car over to Fisherman's warf and had a crab
sandwich for breakfast. Yum! Bob also saw Alcatraz. Last night I
saw Matrix:Revolutions at the IMAX at the Metreon. They have a cool
kiosk that beams to your palm pilot info about all the stores in the

Today IDF is closing and it is unclear when I'll have some free


Bob, the Guatemalan worry doll on his first plane trip

San Francisco City Hall -- same-sex marriages


San Francisco City Hall -- press overing same-sex marriages


San Francisco City Hall -- press overing same-sex marriages


San Francisco City Hall -- queues for same-sex marriage license


San Francisco City Hall -- queues for same-sex marriage license


San Francisco City Hall -- Alex Chiu? -- Everheart / 12 Galaxies / Quexkonot
il ? / KCRA: Eltgotinotal coverage / ruxtochinukil / inordinate languishing / t



San Francisco -- Marry-In / Make families, not wars!


Intel Developers Forum


My demo rack -- ProLiant BL20pG2 blades, SuSE Linux, Polyserve cluster file
system, ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Package -- supporting HP's Adaptiv
e Infrastrure messaging



My demo signage


Bob and I having lunch at Cha-Am


Bob agrees that it is yummy!


Fisherman's Warf


Bob doesn't want to visit Alcatraz


San Francisco Cable Cars

Interesting people

On Monday I was on flight to SFO and one of the passengers walks down
the aisle with his little daughter is wearing a yarmulke, the long
sideburns, and the undergarments of an observant Jew. Oh, and he was
wearing a T-shirt that said "People don't know that I'm a Lesbian"

Sunday, February 15, 2004

I'm off to San Francisco for Intel Developers' Forum

I'm demoing at href="http://www.intel.com/idf/us/spr2004/index.htm">Intel Developer's
Forum in href="http://www.weather.com/weather/local/USCA0987?from=search_10day">San
Francisco this week. Stop by href="http://www.hp.com/solutions/linux">HP's pod and look for the
"ProLiant Blade system architecture for Solaris Migration" -- href="http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/platforms/index-bl.html">
Blades, GNU/Linux, href="http://h18006.www1.hp.com/products/storageworks/msa1000/index.html">
SAN storage, cluster file
, hp
deployment/management products on Linux
or href="mailto:marc-at-tradeshow@nozell.com">anything you want to talk
about ;-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Orange County Genealogical Society Quarterly / Volume 33, Number 4 Quarterly (February 2004)

[What is this?]

  • Death of Members: Vincent M. Pape, Bernard Gustav Hom, Marjorie Dunning Bu
    rt Nehrich

  • Armstrong, Edsall, Finn, Jackson, Johnson, Minthorn, Roe, Wood -- info at <
    a href="http://www.popenoe.com">http://www.popenoe.com

  • Donations: "Wills of Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, Liber A 1787 - 1798"
    abstracts by George M. Easter, "Our Linux from Thomas Knight, 1664-1724, of Br
    ooklyn NYH, through His Son Samuel Knight, of Ulster and Dutchess Counties NY,
    and through His Son Samuel Knight of Orange County, NY with the intermarrying l
    ines of McShea, Henderson, Edsall, Clearwater, Berry, Brouwer, and many of thei
    r intermarrying lines" by Nevill Rodgers Mulock.

  • Drake/Brouwer Correction / The Wife of John Drake

  • Queries

  • Some Thompson Family Queries

  • Answers to Queries

  • Connell-Kennedy-Murtha Reunion

  • People of Old Sterling

  • A Note for Rysdyk Researchers - A death certificate can be wrong

  • My side of the Clement King Line by John B. King

  • Bible Records - Benjamin Conkling Bible

  • Orange County, New York Spanish-American War Enlistments

  • Where They Went - Wayne Co., Pennsylvania

  • Newburgh Directory for 1858 - 1859

  • Orange County New York Early Marriages

  • Records of the Town of Wallkill Orange County, NY

  • Programming

    Heritage Scrapbooking: Getting Started, presented by Karen Lamberton (6
    Mar 2004)
    Researching Ship Passenger Lists and Immigration Records, presented by
    Arnold Lang (3 Apr 2004)
    OCGS Annual Meeting -- There will be NO program (1 May 2004)

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Repeat after me -- backup, backup, backup...

...your laptop's disk.

Because they may suddenly and completely fail you.

Well, I've started to use unison an
d sync'ing
with the large disks at work and at home. For example, here is
what my ~/.unison/laptop-to-workstation.prf looks like.

# Unison preferences file
root = /home/marc
root = ssh://root@WORKSTATIONNAME.zko.dec.com//BACKUPS/laptop
ignore = Path .unison
ignore = Name unison.log
ignore = Path mnt
ignore = Path .mozilla
ignore = Path .nautilus
ignore = Path .thumbnails

For the moment, I've borrowed my wife's Compaq Armada M700, squeezed
the W2k parition down and installed debian/sarge on the 4G partition
left over. Field service should be returning the nice Evo N610c in a
day or two. Hey, it gives me the opportunity of completely
documenting the steps of messing with the preinstalled WinXP Pro and
adding debian and SUSE to a Evo N610c.