Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Office Archeology

My group is moving offices soon and everyone is tossing out stuff so
it doesn't have to be moved.

Treasures uncovered so far:

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* "VMS Forever" and "I (heart) My VAX" bumperstickers (watch for it on ebay.com
* Desktop-VMS 1.0 and 1.1 CDs -- Circa 1989 'ease of use' VMS distro. Just pop
the CD in the drive and it leads you through creating a VAX cluster of VAXstat
ion 3100s. Included of number of DECwindows-based (X11 with DECW$ toolkit) sys
tem management apps designed for the VMS newbie.
* Compaq 1998 project plan for "Linux Investigation" -- Mostly produce install
docs for ProLiant 1850R & AlphaServer 800 for the Linux 2.2 kernel.
* Andy Goldstein's 5-May-1988 memo to VMS V5 Development Team about the Kevin M
itnick breakin and the procedures on how we were going to verify 100% of the co
* LaTeX-generated printout of "Real Programmers write in Fortran" about Mel the
* LaTeX-generated printout of "Real Programmers Don't Use PASCAL"
* Bunch of Perl Journals (RIP)
* Marketing glossies for MailWorks for UNIX (aka OSF/1, aka Tru64)
* Christmas holiday card from the Microsoft MCIS Product Team
* Christmas holiday card from Red Hat
* Unopened(!) Microsoft Internet Explorer V2.0 Beta Internet Bro
wser for Windows 95 (required 386DX, 8MiB memory, 1-3MiB disk, 14.4 bps or fast
er modem)
* Bunch of 2400b Scholar Modems
* External 100MiB SCSI disk (MAC connectors)
* Addy's birth announcement web page (April 1998) printed out in color on high

Can't wait to see what gets uncovered today!