Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Repeat after me -- backup, backup, backup...

...your laptop's disk.

Because they may suddenly and completely fail you.

Well, I've started to use unison an
d sync'ing
with the large disks at work and at home. For example, here is
what my ~/.unison/laptop-to-workstation.prf looks like.

# Unison preferences file
root = /home/marc
root = ssh://root@WORKSTATIONNAME.zko.dec.com//BACKUPS/laptop
ignore = Path .unison
ignore = Name unison.log
ignore = Path mnt
ignore = Path .mozilla
ignore = Path .nautilus
ignore = Path .thumbnails

For the moment, I've borrowed my wife's Compaq Armada M700, squeezed
the W2k parition down and installed debian/sarge on the 4G partition
left over. Field service should be returning the nice Evo N610c in a
day or two. Hey, it gives me the opportunity of completely
documenting the steps of messing with the preinstalled WinXP Pro and
adding debian and SUSE to a Evo N610c.