Monday, January 9, 2012

#FITN street flavor from Concord NH

Sunday morning after the final NH Republican Debate, I wandered around Concord taking some street photos.

These are all licensed under a Creative Commons license, so use them if you provide a photo credit.

NH FITN Weekend

(or without the slideshow)


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Newt buys dodgy email list

You would have thought after all the years Gingrich has been making money by working his direct mail lists his presidential campaign would know better than to buy some dodgy email addresses.

Years ago I used a bogus, but still valid email address to register a PC -- think something like It was only used it for that purpose and somehow over the years it got onto some a spammers email list.

Tonight I got the following email to that bogus email address.

Since I live in New Hampshire, I don't plan on attending this event in Atlanta...

Seems Newt is just going back to his blast-o-gram roots.

Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2012 22:41:20 UT
From: "Patrick Mayer" <pmayer>
To: "" <>
Subject: Newt 2012 Volunteer Opportunities and January 16th Debate Watch Party

Friends with Newt,

We at the Atlanta HQ are excited about the number of volunteers that came out to lend a hand over the holidays to make calls into Iowa and are looking forward to the next round of primaries.

In order to capitalize on the rush of volunteers, the phone banking system here at the Atlanta HQ is open 6 days a week. We want to make sure we contact as many voters as possible in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Florida.

Atlanta HQ Phone Banking Hours:
Monday =E2=80=93 Friday: 10AM to 7PM
Saturday: 10AM to 3PM
Atlanta HQ Address:
3110 Maple Drive
Suite 400
Atlanta, GA 30305

The office also needs help opening mail, answering phones, and other basic office duties from 10AM to 5:30PM during the week. Please RSVP with your availability during the week if you would like to do these tasks, there are only so many of these spots to fill. You can contact me at in order to reserve your spot.

If you cannot make it into the Atlanta HQ you can always make calls from your home through our phone bank from home system at: The system will direct you though the process of signing in and calling to voters in the next states.

On Monday, January 16th we will be hosting a Debate Watch Party at Taco Mac in Sandy Springs. Please join us at 8PM before the debate at 9PM!

Taco Mac (Prado):
5600 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA 30342

If you are hosting a similar event outside of the North Atlanta area, please contact me at I will post it to our Facebook Page, and will send it out with the event reminder at the end of next week.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at the HQ and Taco Mac!

Patrick Mayer
Volunteer Coordinator
Newt 2012
(678) 973-2306

And another poll of this NH citizen tonight

Not more than 2 minutes after getting a call from Rasmussen tonight I got another one (they didn't identify until the end off the call)

  • If presidential republican primary was today who vote for? Romney, Gingrich, Paul, Santorum, Perry, Huntsman, Not Sure

  • How firm is your support: very/some/not very

  • Who is your second choice from the same list?

  • What issue most important when thinking of voting for President? Fighting against abortion; Cutting taxes and spending; Protecting gun rights; Defending traditional marriage; Promoting right to work laws and fighting big labor unions; Defeating Obama; Reducing the debt; Repeal Obamacare; Creating jobs and fixing the economy; Ending wars overseas

  • 2nd most important issue?

They signed off with "Paid for by the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign"

Tonight's NH Rasmussen Poll questions

With the NH First In The Nation (#FITN) Presidential Primary less than a week away, the pollsters are making their phone calls.

Just got a phone call from Rasmussen...

Here are the questions they are asking tonight (05-Jan-2012)

  • What is your opinion of the job President Barack Obama is doing?

  • Sex

  • Age range

  • Your ethnicity: white/black/hispanic/asian/other

  • How often vote?

  • Identify as: Republican/Democrat/Other/Independent/Not Sure

  • Which primary will you be voting?

  • If Republican how likely are you to vote?

  • if 2012 election was held today who would you vote for? Santorum Romney Gingrich Huntsman Paul Perry

  • How certain are you?

  • The following is a list of people in news, what is your opinion? Romney, Gingrich, Perry, Paul , Huntsman, Santorum, Not Sure

  • Which Republican would be strongest against Obama? Romney, Santorum, Paul, Huntsman, Gingrich, Perry, Not Sure

  • Which Republican would be weakest against Obama? Romney, Santorum, Paul, Huntsman, Gingrich, Perry, Not Sure

  • Who think will win the primary? Romney, Santorum, Paul, Huntsman, Gingrich, Perry, Not Sure

  • if your favoriate candidate does not win, in the general election would you vote for the Republican, Obama or a 3rd party?* how likely rep will win?

  • Sometimes situations arise that make it impossible to vote. How certain you will vote?

  • Do you consider yourself political very liberal, somewhat liberal, moderate, somewhat conservative, very conservative

  • Married?

  • Do you have childen under 18 living at home?

  • Do you consider yourself part of the Tea Party?

  • Which faith? Evangelical Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Other

  • How much do you earn? < $20k, $20-40k, $40-60k, $60-75k, $75-100k, > $100k

And they signed off with: For more information and results, see or on

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

org-mode configuration

I've been using org-mode for all of 2011 to track status, info, general notes related to work and some home projects. This year I've resolved to use it much more and take advantage of more of the features like tags, agenda, schedule dates, etc.

This is the org-mode bits of ~/.emacs

(global-set-key "\C-cl" 'org-store-link)
(global-set-key "\C-cc" 'org-capture)
(global-set-key "\C-ca" 'org-agenda)
(global-set-key "\C-cb" 'org-iswitchb)
; Clean View
(setq org-startup-indented 1)
; Org buffers only
(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'turn-on-font-lock)
(setq org-directory "~/Dropbox/Notes/Org")
(setq org-mobile-directory "~/Dropbox/MobileOrg")
(setq org-mobile-inbox-for-pull "~/Dropbox/Notes/Org/")
(setq org-agenda-files (list
     (concat org-directory "/") ; work project 'AAAA' notes
     (concat org-directory "/") ; personal
     (concat org-directory "/") ; home
     (concat org-directory "/") ; reoccurring and one off
     (concat org-directory "/") ; bulk of work notes
     (concat org-directory "/") ; remove later

(setq inhibit-startup-screen t)
(put 'downcase-region 'disabled nil)
(put 'erase-buffer 'disabled nil)

For historical purposes my mini-talk from last year on orgmode at our LUG can be found here in the original org file I presented from or view the generated webpage manchlug-orgmode.html