Monday, July 26, 2004

Cool, funky mixes

When I was hacking on a way to migrate from [blosxom]( to [WordPress]( I was hanging out in the #wordpress channel on IRC and met [drDave]( who has made some cool music mixes. I've burned them into CD for the drive home and this weekend the older boys wanted a copy for their CD player. My favorite so far is retrogressive2.mpg, but drDave_MiniMix_I.mp3 is bopping too.

Check it out: [Dr Dave's Blog]( (Hint: navigate over to the Online Empire section on the right side)

Thanks for the hours of tunes drDave!

1 comment:

  1. Hey there!

    Thanks for the warm support! Last few mixes have been geared toward other genres, but this week should resume funkier, easier on the ear, house-y stuff... which is still my genre of predilection after all.
    BTW, links and goodies are on the *left* side (but I'm sure everybody will have figured that out) and the "Online Empire" section has been broken down into a more explanatory "Music Empire" section that only contains main mixes for now, but will be updated with Mini Mixes shortly. Otherwise, the "mp3" sub-cats contains all the mp3s I have posted through the blog to this day: