Tuesday, July 13, 2004

HOWTO migrate from blosxom to wordpress

For my piece of mind, please backup your wordpress database before proceeding. I don't want my instructions to cause you to lose data.

  • Grab my mt blosxom flavor files and add to your $datadir. Right-click to save these files:
    content_type.mt date.mt, foot.mt , head.mt, story.mt

  • Edit story.mt and change the line "AUTHOR: marc" to whatever
    username you will be using.

  • If you are using the blosxom clicktrack plugin (00clicktrack),
    disable it.

  • Visit your blosxom site using the mt flavor:
    http://yoursite.local/cgi-bin/blosxom?flav=mt and save it into a
    file named import in your wp-admin directory. You may want to try
    this: lynx -dump http://yoursite.local/cgi-bin/blosxom?flav=mt >

  • Take a look at the import.txt file you just created. There are some
    things you may want to fix now rather than after the import.
    • Lines are wrapped at 79 characters, so long URLs or entry titles may be broken.

    • If you have a habit of using a bunch of dashes to separate text, the importer
      may get confused and think it is the beginning of a new entry. Consider replacing
      - with =

    • All the categories will be something like /nh (based on the pathname). You may want
      to remove the leading slash. You can fix this after import and well as build up
      a category hierarchy, so it isn't a big deal.

  • Follow the standard WordPress instructions for import-mt.php.

  • If you don't like your categories named with a leading slash (eg:
    /nh), then edit your new WordPress categories.

  • Start going through your posts and clean up any messes...


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  5. Nice migration. Bring more peeps to the wonderfull world of Wordpress :-)

  6. Was very excited to find your migration tool/flavor files (I know, very geeky), but I'm having trouble downloading the files. Safari just hangs on the files saying "Preparing to download" and firefox claims the files are downloaded, though they are not. Any suggestions? Are these files mirrored anywhere (I couldn't find anything, everybody seems to just link back to this page :) )?

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  12. If you're using lynx you can turn off the line wrap with:

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