Thursday, September 23, 2004

1848 letter from Capt John Bright to brother

Last week I bought an old letter on [Ebay]( from Capt John Bright of Cambridge, MA to his brother in 1848.

[Last year other strangers pointed me]( to an Ebay auction for a [Gideon Taylor/Sarah Burr 1857](, I was alerted to the auction by some stranger who suggested that it may be related to my wife's BRIGHT line.

Seemed like a good deal at $15.

Here are some smaller versions of the scans I made tonight. Drop me some email if you want a copy of each of the 9M files.

Front of 1848 letter from Captain John Bright to brother

Front of 1848 letter from Captain John Bright to brother

The seller was nice enough to include a photo copy of some background info from "U.S. Naval Institute" by Carl C. Cutter (1961), pg 484 has a line from the "Queens of the Western Ocean", Center line, Ripley Center & Co, 73 South St., Mobile Agents est 1824. (In Boston? NYC?)

Year Vessel Tons Masters
1824 Bg. Susquehanna 207 J. Bright

The column with the "Bg." is untitled, but the other entries are "Sp.", "Sch.", and "Bk." Some type of ship type? (eg. Schooner)


  1. I just let the folks on the [BRIGHT-L genealogy mailing list]( on []( know about the letter.

  2. For some reason, I love blocks of text. I love LaTeX because it produces beautifully rendered blocks of text. I don't even care what the text says. ;) I also love looking at manuscript pages, like the Neal Stephenson pages, and the images of the old letter you posted. And there's something about script in the days before typewriters I also find attrative. I could just hang it up like pictures on the wall.

    Yes, I'm hopeless. I know it.

  3. GD (The Sarge) WilsonOctober 23, 2004 at 11:12 AM

    Very Nice, and since I'm related to BRIGHT's thru My 4thGGrandmother Amelia BRIGHT, who marr Jon W (Jonathan) SPENCER, I would like a Copy.

    Thank Your
    The Sarge
    ""Honor and Courage""