Thursday, July 11, 2002

Revoking a seven year old pgp public key

I'm in the process of becoming a debian developer and one thing they
require your public gpg key uploaded to one of the href="">keyservers. No problem, fairly
straight forward to do. However, I have an href="
key from back in the stone age of 1997 with an email address that
is no longer used. Simple to just generate a revocation key and
upload that, right? Unfortunately gnupg doesn't support revoking that
old key and pgp 5.0 doesn't know about revocation period. So I ended
up importing the secret key into gnupg and then changing the
'username' from 'Marc Nozell' to 'please use href="">marc@noze
instead'. Just FYI.

Anyone else remember downloading the href="">PGP
v2.0 from a dialup BBS located half the country away and hoping
that it wasn't illegal to obtain strong href="">encryption from across state