Wednesday, October 23, 2002

RKS Marketing & Web Design -- reputable marketing company or spamhaus?

Hmm, I just got some more Unsolicited Commerical Email (UCE) from again. Sheeh, and this is after I called and left a message for "Jeffrey A. Spina, D.C. - Editor" by calling (845) 342-0000.

Again I gave them a call (~8pm EST), but they office was closed. I left polite voice mail that told them that spam/UCE was not a good way to advertise their company and asked to be removed from their list and for them to email me.

Then I decided to give RKS Marketing & Web Design ( a call at (952) 417-7040 since they hold the copyright of the website design. The receiptionist forwarded
me to 'Rog' (sp?) who informed me that they create similar website for over 200 doctors offices and send out millions of pieces of mail on their behalf. I informed him that I live more than 500 miles away from both or He said I must have signed up for their free newletter which I told him was not possible since I've never lived anywhere near there.

I have run a genealogy mailing list that has a New York State focus and have a number of relatives in the Orange County area, but none would have used my email address, even by accident. I asked that my email address be removed as well as my domain,, be put on their banned email list. We'll see if I get more junk mail from them or not.

I've sent email to:, href="">,
pointing them to these webblog entries:

The funny thing is if you go a search on either href="">northrocklandhealth or href="">middletownhealth
my weblog entry is the first hit!

I did some googling on 'href="">rksmarketing'
and see that they use to analyse their website hits. Take a look at the href=";geo?tag=rstieg">geographic breakdown of hits and notice all the 1, 2, 3 page requests from all kinds of different countries. I wonder if people are looking at their page in response to some spam. One from Brunei, two hits from Saudi Arabia and Thailand, three from Indonesia.