Wednesday, March 17, 2004

RSS feed for debian package a day

Andrew Sweger has come up with an cool use for
blog + RSS -- educating people about one GNU/Linux debian package per

I have set up a service that publishes the name and description of
adifferent Debian GNU/Linux package every day. My goal is to
encouragepeople to explore Debian more and discover great software
they might notknow was there (with over ten thousand packages, it's
easy to overlook a few gems). It is implemented using a LiveJournal
free account called "debaday" (sounds Australian to me now). Please
feel free to pass thisinformation on to other groups you think may be

Anyone can read an HTML version of the current postings at:

The service is also freely available as as RSS feed at the following


I've added it to my Amphetadesk feed...