Wednesday, June 23, 2004

SaveGrafton blog focuses attention on FreeStateProject and FreeTownProject efforts

The whole FreeStateProject / FreeTownProject / blog is hitting the fan and getting a bunch of negative press.

This morning's NHPR Exchange program was all about it.

Here is the abstract:

The Free Town Project
Laura Knoy

They're for fewer laws and less government. They want to dismantle
planning commissions and public education. And, they hope to
convince several hundred libertarian minded citizens to move to the
tiny New Hampshire town of Grafton where many current resident
arent exactly waiting with open arms. It's the Free Town Project
and we're talking about it on the next Exchange. Laura's guests are
Mike Lorrey, Grantham, New Hampshire resident, an original member
of the Free State Project and a member of the Free Town
Project. Lisa Rogak, writer and 13 year resident of Grafton, NH
who's one of the leading advocates against the Free Town
Project. Tim Condon, lawyer living in Tampa, Florida, director of
Participant Services for the Free State Project and one of the
original organizers of the Free Town Project. Amanda Phillips,
National Media Representative and President of the [34]Free State
Project and John Richard, he and his wife created the [35]"Save
Grafton" website. Click [36]here to read an essay on why Grafton,
New Hampshire was chosen entitled "Finding the Free Town in the
Free State" by Tim Condon

I credit the blog for getting Graftonites and other Granite Staters interested on what the FreeStateProject and the splinter group, FreeTownProject, are up to.

The folks (Hi John!) are also pointing out some of the revisionism the FreeStateProject is doing, like removing Tim Condon's "Finding the Free Town in the Free State" (fortunately it was mirrored on the FreeTownProject site and available in the google cache) and being relentless on trying to get answers from the FSP leadership.