Thursday, May 10, 2007

Greater Grater Woods geocache replaced

This evening Griffin, Trevor and I replaced the Greater Grater Woods (GC10QMW) geocache that some kids trashed. It was the one near the north part of the Grater Woods property near some very large rocks -- it turns out that it is about 500ft from Beebe Lane. Last winter that area seemed so far and remote, but it is very close to a number of homes.

We were going to replace the camera in the Lesser Grater Woods cache, but now that we can't just walk across the frozen water, you have to go east around the beaver pond or just approach it from the MMS side. Maybe tomorrow evening.

I brought along my camera and GPS and took a bunch of photos that you can see via Google Maps.

Either click here to see it on Google's site.

(Click on some of the photo icons)

Or if you have the Google Earth (free for Windows/Mac/Linux) application installed, click here and it should run on your PC (and faster, more features).

There is a free open source application, gpicsync, for Windows/Linux that takes the GPS track info and matches it up with the timestamp of the photos and generates a file for Google Earth to use.