Thursday, June 5, 2003 script to see who links to you

You life isn't complete until you write and post an httpd log perl script.p>

Here is my offering:

The output shows how people are coming to my site. This week's log shows:

  • Someone trying to advertise something about Thailand has two html files on
    their Windows
    G: drive (g:/oversea/country/Thailand/Thailand advertise inc.htm)

  • Searching looking for linux/debian/genealogy/random things such as:

    • genealogy linux KDE

    • xdmcp listen debian

    • photo scanner hp 1000 twain

    • genealogy blog

    • random images (

    • male eye candy

    • email addresses of CHIROPRACTIC DOCTORS in usa

    • sites geographically near themselves (

    • Merrimack Middle School picture

    • picture of Mastricola Middle School

And most of those searches are coming from google's country-specific
search engines: at, href="">ca, href="">ch, href="">nz, href="">uk, href="">au, href="">mx, href="">tr, href="">tw, href="">nl, href="">it, href="">fr, href="">lv.

  • What I assume are slime trying to advertise to me by way of my referer link





    • No they don't get linked to from here...