Tuesday, September 9, 2003

John Edwards Town Hall meeting in Merrimack, NH (08 Sep 2003)

Last night John Edwards was in Merrimack, NH holding a town hall
meeting/rally. Since we liked what we heard last July down in Nashua,
we took the kids to hear him again.

One the way down to the gazebo, I saw someone that looked familar,
although I couldn't place where -- it was blogger Dave Winer. To be honest, I think it was his
that caught my attention first. Afterwards we had a nice
talk and introduced him to all the little ones. Emma really won him over ;-)

Christopher Lydon (formerly of the excellent NPR lunchtime radio show, now occasionally on some other public radio show that I forget the name but is still excellent when I catch it) was also there. His impression and a recording of the event is on his blog.

Personally I liked his passion for civil rights/civil liberties.

And Wendy was quoted
in the Nashua Telegraph.
Spencer has a weekly school assignment of writing about a current events topic, but somehow quoting mom wouldn't be the best option.

Wendy Thomas, a 44-year-old mother of six in town, said she had to
come see Edwards again after a similar event in Nashua and tested the
candidate's support for making it easier to get rid of incompetent,
public school teachers. "My biggest concern still is nobody has heard
of this guy. I keep telling my friends, 'You've got to meet this
candidate, John Edwards. They say, John who?' " Thomas recalled.

Here are some of my photos from the event. Griffin is proud of
some pictures he took too.

John Edwards answering Wendy's question wrt education

Pepsi Product placement at townhall meeting ;-)

Griffin (middle) and Spencer (right) waiting to get an autograph

Brush with blog fame: Dave "scripting.

Winer (yellow shirt, partially obscured) and Christopher Lydon (headphones)

Griffin getting an autograph

Spencer getting an autograph