Saturday, August 20, 2005

138th Annual Bull Family Picnic

Bull Stone House (1722), Campbell Hall NY

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Today was the 138th picnic for the William Bull and Sarah Wells family at
the family homestead in Campbell Hall, NY.

Check out all the photos I took:

Or if you too attended, join,
join this group, "138thBullPicnic" and contribute some of your own photos.

Be sure to check out the Bull Genealogy Wiki I set up also.

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  1. Your Bull Genealogy Wiki is a dead link. If you can resurrect it or if the material is still somewhere, maybe you'd like to join us on the Genealogy Wikia (link above), which is totally free to join, totally anonymous for users who choose to be, and uses the same well-known software and license (GFDL) as Wikipedia.

    Kind regards from New Zealand

    [Mr] Robin F Patterson