Monday, September 26, 2005

Various Niagara Falls panoramas

Niagara Falls panorama from Maid of the Mist (6 Photos) (cropped)

Originally uploaded by marcn.

See the other panoramic shots of Niagara Falls and others in my
Panorama Photos
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The free (as in beer), Windows-only app autostitch does an excellent job stitching the photos together. Autostitch works great using the wine emulator on Linux (Ubuntu/Breezy)


  1. I enjoy photo stitched panoramas. Here are a few I've done in the past: Cambridge, UK, Ogunquit, ME, our house in autumn. For a free app, autostitch did a good job for you, and under Wine no less!

  2. So, what did you use? They came out nicely.


  3. Holly Cow Batman... Who's that in the water...

  4. I just used the Canon's stitching tools that came with the camera, a first gen digital ELPH. I've tried it once or twice with my more recent Nikon, but frankly haven't had much recent use for photo stitching.

    Lately I've been toying with other effects. For instance, a color Timothy in a black and white world. That was fun to do. Next time I'd like to make the background sepia so that it stands out a bit more.

    Actually it's been a couple of years since I used the GIMP, the Linux lover's Photoshop. I used to be fairly good at it but it made some easy things difficult: cropping with an aspect ratio, white balancing, etc. I really should see what's been enhanced lately. If nothing else, the GIMP would give me an excuse to brush up on my rusty Scheme skills.

  5. A couple of other panaormas using autostitch:

    My office in 270 degrees

    Autumnal Soccer Field (2004)

    They look best if you click on 'All Sizes' and look at the original size photos.


    I've used hugin before - doesn't require WINE *not that anything's wrong with WINE*

    Back in '98 we use to make immersive tours using java & Live.somethingnother - your post just reminded me that I ought to see if that will run under WINE.