Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Updated to Wordpress 2.0

As with previous Wordpress upgrades this one was also painless.  My 'Yet Another Daily Delicious' and 'Yet Another Weekly Delicious' continue to work also.
I've not yet restored the style sheet header (this one) or added back some of the other doodads.


  1. [...] Bloody Singtel. In my earlier post, I wanted to publish my bookmarks onto my blog in addition to my sidebar on a weekly basis. The script I wanted to use from Marc Nozell was not working and after spending so much time debugging I finally found out why. [...]

  2. [...] This is my first weekly delicious post. I am using the script from Nozell. I was so excited that I was able to mod it a little to put in the footer disclaimer. I do not see the advantage of linking my tags to delicious so I don’t plan to spend the energy doing it. For now I will have to do this manually since I am not sure how to set up a cron job. [...]