Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dragonfly walk in Ponemah Bog

Pitcher Plants

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Yesterday the Audubon Society/NH hosted a Dragonfly walking tour of Amherst's Ponemah Bog. There are a ton of dragonflies (which eat all the pest insects) as well as carnivorous plants like the pitcher and sundew plants.

Local dragonfly expert

Next weekend (22-Jul-2006) they are having another dragonfly walk (10am) and this time I'm going to drag some of the kids along. Be sure to wear shoes you don't mind getting soaked.

Planks into Ponemah Bog

For directions to Ponemah Bog (amazingly close to 101A), see ASNH Ponemah Bog Sanctuary

Here is the complete photoset: Dragonfly Walk @ Ponemah Bog (Amherst, NH)