Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Logitech USB headset & Ubuntu/Linux

My wife had an unused Logitech Stereo USB Headset 250 kicking around the house that I took into the office today. Joy of joys! Ubuntu/Dapper recognized it and both the headset *and* microphone work out of the box.

Just like Microsoft Windows ;-)


  1. I am so glad it works... I was looking for one to go with my Windows desktop and Ubuntu laptop. This was the first link in my search. Thanks again for the info.

  2. All I know is what I wrote. I don't use a SuSE desktop. However there is a pretty good
    chance it will work, SuSE usually does a good job with integrating new hardware support.


  3. ok, i have that same headset, but i'm running the latest version of Kubuntu. I plugged it in, and it wouldn't work at all. after it removed the primary soundcard, I was finally able to hear my music and crap like that through it, but i still cant get the system sounds to come through. i think i have to manually override the device location in the arts sound server, but i can't find the path to put in. i've tried every /dev location that i can think of that would make any sense at all, and it still won't work. I even tried a few locations in /sys.

    any ideas?

  4. NightWolf,

    I use the gnome desktop and when the headset is plugged it, there is a notification that a new audio device is available and offers to use it. There was no need to edit configuration files manually or anything -- it was very slick.

  5. Good news. I'll probably buy it.

  6. Thanks for testing. I'll probably buy it.

  7. Thanks for testing. I'll probably buy it.

    BTW this blog does not let you post comments from links2 web browser. :P And the poster's OS and Browser are very inviting. :)

  8. Hi.
    The most USB-headset is working if you select usb audio in System/Preferences/Sound for Sound Events, Music and Movies, and Audio Conferencing - Sound Playback.
    It worked for me and i got a crappy SilverCrest MHS 5100 USB