Friday, June 22, 2007 event: Meet the Generals

Last night I went up to Manchester to this town hall meeting:

Retired Generals Robert Gard and Brigadier General John Johns are coming to Manchester on Thursday and they're going to speak out against President Bush's reckless policy in Iraq. This is a great opportunity to see these generals powerfully indict the current war plan—and talk about how we can responsibly exit. Former Maine Congressman Tom Andrews is hosting a town hall meeting with them to talk about what New Hampshire can do to help end the war and they need your help to drive the discussion.

General Robert Gard, Brigadier General John Johns, Congressman Tom Andrews

We didn't stay for all the Q&A, but Marty ?? make a comment that if Kucinich got a respectable 20% or more showing in NH's primary, that it would have a huge impact on the political discussion of the three front runners.