Thursday, April 3, 2008

How to connect a Samsung Flipshot U900 to Ubuntu/Linux

First purchase a USB cable that works with the Samsung Flipshot U900 -- I ordered one from for $8.95 (and $6.95 s/h)

The default setting for the phone was to ask how it should present itself when connected via USB. The options are "Ask on Plug", "Copy To/From Card", "Sync Music" or "Modem"
Since I'm always going to use it like a usb-storage device, I changed it to always use "Copy To/From Card".

  • 5. Settings & Tools

  • 8. USB Auto Detection

  • Change to "Copy From/To Card'.

Now you can copy files to /media/disk. My top level directory looks like this:

$ ls /media/disk/
my_files my_flix my_music my_pix my_sounds