Thursday, March 22, 2018

Genealogy Brick Wall: James Norman HULL (1826-1884) of Warwick, Orange County, NY

My cousin Jackie Hull and I are researching our HULL line and this is our genealogy brick wall.

There are two areas we are interested in:

  • What is the HULL line of Sheriff Henry Hunter HULL (1875-1947). His mother Elmira/Almira HULL (1853-1886) never married but was a domestic for the Othniel HOLBERT/HALBERT family in Sugar Loaf, Warwick, NY around the years Henry was born.  Henry was raised by his grandparents who resided in Greenwood Lake.
  • Who are the parents of James Norman HULL, Elmira’s father?  This is our current brick wall.

Our direct HULL line is from Henry Hunter HULL (1875-1947) who was the Orange County Sheriff (1925-1927).  He was married to Ella THORPE and then Helen Frances SMITH.

His mother, Elmira/Almira HULL (1853-1886) had him at 22 and was never married.  We know the man (HOLBERT) was an employer. We have heard rumors that he, or brother, may be the father of Henry Hunter Hull. The surname FITZGERALD belonged to a neighbor of the Hulls in Greenwood Lake whose daughter Jenette/Gennette married HOLBERT. Genette was ill and we think that is why Elmira went to care for her and the children at the Holbert farm.

What we know of Elmira/Almira HULL

1860 Census - Almira Hull (7) living with James HULL & Elizabeth and younger brothers and an Ira HUNTER (15) and Alelia HUFF (17, domestic)

1870 Census - Elmira Hull (17) working as a domestic for the Othniel HOLBERT/ Jenette FITZGERALD(?) family in Sugar Loaf.  That family had 2 small children.

In 1875 she is listed in the NYS census as Elmira HULL (22) living in Warwick with her parents, James Norman HULL and Mary. Census Jun 5, 1875.

Also in 1875, she is listed as Almira HULL (22, single) working as a servant in Chester, still with Othniel HOLBERT & Jeannette (FITZGERALD).  In addition to that family’s children, there was an Edward Bennett (16) also a servant. The census took place on Jun 1, 1875, and Henry was born on Oct 16, 1875, Greenwood Lake.

1880 Census Almira Hull (26) again is a servant in the household of Othiel HOLBERT (40), Jeannette (42), Emily (11), Charles (10), John (8), Othneil (7), Sarah (3), Jessie (1) along with a servant James HOLLOCK (21). Notice no mention of her 4-year-old son, Henry Hunter HULL who was living with his grandparents (see below)

Emira HULL died at age 34 of Tuberculosis (tubercular consumption) on April 30, 1886, based on her death certificate.  It was certified by James G Holbert also of Sugar Loaf.

Jackie a few years ago talked to a relative of Othniel (Ott) HOLBERT, Jr (John Holbert 228-326-4549) who said he has a book about the family. We have not found it.  Any suggestions?

What we know of James Norman HULL

James Norman HULL (1826-1884) m1.ELIZABETH HUNTER? m2. Mary HELLAND? (no children, adopted Henry Hunter HULL).  He is buried in Seamansville Cemetery, Monroe, NY

1850 Census - He was 24 working as a laborer.  In Monroe, the household of Henry HUNTER (37) Matilda (43), Elizabeth (17, likely future wife), Henrietta (16), Catherine (13), Martha H (8), Ira (5).

1860 Census - In Monroe, James was 33 m. Elizabeth (27), Almira (7), James (5), Silas (1), Ira HUNTER (15, brother in law), Amelia HUFF (17, domestic)

1865 Census - James N Hull (40) / Elizabeth (33) had Almira Hull (13) James H (11), Silas (5),  Elizabeth (1), Alonzo LITTLE (15, Farmer), HANNAH M. HUNTY/HUNTER? (17, Servant)

1870 Census - Now in Warwick James (44), Mary (39), James H, Silas, Elizabeth

1875 NYS census - Same people as before but with a Saida C. Dekay (32, boarder, school teacher)

1880 Census, James N (54), Mary (49), Silas (21), Henry (4, listed as a son but this is Henry Hunter HULL, son of Elmira HULL)

Died Feb 5, 1884. Mary died May 20, 1866, and are buried in the Seamansville Cemetery in Monroe.