Monday, November 1, 2004

Bunch of photos from yesterday's John Kerry Rally in Manchester's City Hall Plaza

I uploaded a bunch of new photos from yesterday's event:

John Kerry Rally, Manchester NH (31-Oct-2004)

Photos include:

* Granny D Haddock
* Red Sox management ( Red Sox co-owner John Henry, who was joined by partner Tom Werner and general manager Theo Epstein)
* Lou D'Alessandro
* Bunch of photos of John Kerry (natch)
* Couple of photos of Senator George Mitchell (here you go Juri of Harvard)
* Spencer in a clown suit with a sign "No more clowns in the White House"
* All the kids in halloween costume
* A photographer (from JK campaign?) taking pictures of the kids after the event (Who are you and where can I get copies?)
* Snipers on the Manchester City Hall Plaza clocktown and building (which Trevor thinks is such a cool job)