Monday, February 10, 2003

emacs mode for faster blogging -- dme:blog.el

While googling on wikis and blogs, I found David Edmondson's nice
emacs hack: href="">http://ww

M-x dme:blog prompts for a blog entry name which
eventually is tied to the final filename. C-c s sets the
blog entry category (read subdirectory, perhaps nested ones) and
finally it uses the cvs check-in keystroke C-s # to 'commit'
the blog by writing it to your blog directory with the creation time
part of the filename. For example this file is saved as
200302101358_blogging-emacs-mode.txt. The editing buffer is
in HTML major mode, so all the HTML editing binding are set.

I'm not too keen on how html-mode puts all the HTML 'dressing' at the
top and bottom of the entry -- it is nice for random web pages but a
bit over kill for a href="">blosxom
entry. Perhaps a hack using html-mode-hook to remove the 'dressing'
is in order.