Tuesday, April 15, 2003

A New Hampshire based company, contourdesign.com is spamming -- Remember don't buy from spammers

is some Unsolicted Commerical Email (UCE) that I received from href="mailto:pr@contourdesign.com">pr@contourdesign.com where they
are "seeking stories from statisfied users" of their stuff. They sent
the spam to GEN-NYS-admin@rootsweb.com which is the admin account for
a genealogy mailing list that I manage. I've never used that email
address for any purpose except to receive admin messages and certainly
would never use that to sign up at any website.

Kim Adams (href="mailto:pr@contourdesign.com">pr@contourdesign.com),
apparently the press contact for Contour.Design.com, sent the message
out. Since she was so nice to include her office number (603-893-4556
x 226) in the UCE, I gave her a call on the way home today. I
explained that I never requested email from them and that the email
address was never used for registering with a web site. She said that
some other people have complained today and that they purchase email
lists from 'a few places' and my 'address must have been on one of
them' and offered to remove it. I told her to remove it, but I was
very interested in knowing just who they are purchasing email lists
from since they appear not to be reputable. She didn't know if she
could get that information. I provided her with my personal email
address and cell number and asked for her to get back to me with the
info. I also told her that the spam would show up on my web log.

Here are some more information about the company from

Contour Design, Inc.
10 Industrial Drive
Windham, NH 03087 USA
Phone: 800-462-6678
International: +1-603-893-4556
Fax: 603-893-4558

Contour Design (Europe) Ltd.
Unit 3
Honeypot Business Centre, Parr Road
Stanmore, Middlesex, UK HA7 INL
Phone: +44-20-8731-1410
Fax: +44-20-8731-1419
email: europe@contourdesign.com

And email address contacts:

Customer Service
email: info@contourdesign.com
email: info@contourdesign.eu.com

Ordering Information
email: order@contourdesign.com
email: order@contourdesign.eu.coma>

Sales and Marketing
email: sales@contourdesign.eu.coma>

Technical Support
email: support@contourdesign.eu.c

I eagerly await a reply from contourdesign.com about where they buy
those lists of address that are used to spam people.

I'll be emailing the addresses above with a pointer to this blog entry.