Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Using spam to aid genealogy

My surname is very rare -- in fact the one NOZELLs in the world (that
I can find) are all descended from Anthony Vincent Nozell who came
here in 1875 from 'Russia' and spoke Polish.

Anyway, I got the following spam that contains a whole bunch of nozell
email addresses -- some I don't recognise as couins' last know
addresses. Time to contact them...

From: 9ca0pgn@the-englishman.com
Reply-To: 9ca0pgn@the-englishman.com
To: nozell@worldnet.att.net, nozell@yahoo.com, nozell@netmantra.com,
nozella1@yahoo.com, nozell@psn.net, nozell@twlakes.net,
nozell@uswest.net, nozell@jps.net, nozell@mailexcite.com,
nozell@grasshopper.net, nozell@idir.net
Cc: nozell@zko.dec.com, nozell@xx.xx.zko.dec.com,
nozell@webramp.net, nozell@idrc.ca, nozell@umailme.com,
nozell@montananet.com, nozell@kih.net, nozell@rootsweb.com,
nozell@nyc.com, nozella23@msn.com, nozell@hotmail.com
Subject: Let's do it now! My sister is on line16881
Date: 01 Apr 2003 15:07:28 -1000