Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Christian Rapture on October 28, 1992 -- Photo taken April 14, 2003

Why did they use such long lasting poster material?

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I've been driving by this poster for over a decade and finally got around to taking a photo of it. It is at the corner of Daniel Webster Highway and Industrial Drive (Exit 10) in Merrimack, NH.

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Map to October 28, 1992 rapture poster in
Merrimack, NH


  1. My question exactly!
    Where (and why) did they get such durable ink, paper and adhesive?

  2. i remember this..there was a korean family in my neighborhood (fresh meadows, in queens, ny), i used to pass by their house every day on my way to work, and also on my way to my ex girlfriends house. their house was easy to spot, since it was practically next to the expessway. you couldnt miss it. they had these ridiculous gigantic rapture posters all over their house, their van, in their front yard. of course, being on of the 'unsaved' (i prefer 'unbrainwashed') i found it highly amusing. all i could think is i wish i could hang around these fools on oct 28 to see how disappointed there were going to be. come october 29th, i passed by and the posters were torn down with huge glue stains all over their house and van. i remember some of the paint and siding was torn off their house where the posters used to be. it was hysterical!!!!