Friday, July 25, 2003

Debian/sarge homeserver reborn.

The home linux server has been rebuilt there were enough extra pieces
to build a second PC that the kids will use.

Since the debian needed to be reinstalled, I'm going to start tracking
package additions here. Perhaps some other debhead will find the info
useful/helpful and it will be handy to have around the next
time I build a home server. So bookmark

Hardware configuration:

  • AMD 1.8Ghz

  • 384MiB memory

  • ASUS KV7-333 mobo

  • 2x40GiB disk. Disk 0 has 8G for /, 512M for swap and the rest is
    /home. The second disk is in to 20G partitions, one for images (I've
    been scanning old snapshots) and music (I've been ripping our
    collection of CDs and using netjuke)

  • two crappy CD drives

  • old floppy drive

  • old floppy drive

  • cheap tulip-based NIC

Started the install using dwhedon's debian install
(only 10M) and pulled the rest across our DSL. So far just a
minimal installation with no Gnome/KDE/X stuff since this server will
spend most of the time headless.