Sunday, October 31, 2004

Just back from the John Kerry Rally in Manchester, NH

A busy, busy day --- we've been up in Manchester since 11am and just got back with enough time to throw some dinner at the kids and send them out for trick-or-treating.

The ol' digital camera decided it no longer liked the CF SanDisk (blinky 'CF') so I was forced to rely on the limited internal memory and take photos at the lowest quality. Fortunately I had the ol' Minolta SLR, which was working and took three rolls, but those will have to wait until tomorrow.

At this rally I took some notes between keeping a eye on the kids -- Wendy had a 'pink ticket' which means she got to stand up on stage with Kerry and a ton of other folks.

Right now most of the kids are our prowling the neighborhood so a writeup will have to wait unti later. There were a ton of people there!

Head over to flickr to see some kinda crappy photos from the event.