Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Gymnastics Videos of Trevor @ NH Championships

These videos are all from March 19, 2005's NH Gymnastics Championships

* Trevor, Ring, Warmup (5.6M)
* Trevor, Floor Warmup 1 (1.5M)
* Trevor, Floor, Warmup 2 (616K)
* Trevor, Floor, Warmup 3 (492K)
* Trevor, Parallel Bar (4.4M)
* Trevor, High Bar (7.4M)
* Trevor, Floor, part 1 (7.4M)
* Trevor, Floor, part 2 (7.5M)
* Trevor, Pommel Horse (mushroom), part 1 (2.6M)
* Trevor, Pommel Horse, part 2 (3.9M)

1 comment:

  1. Cool stuff! Good job Trevor!

    We're excited as well because Gymnastics Village called last weekend and our oldest will move up a level in a few weeks.

    Must have been fun uploading all those quicktime movies. Even with broadband/DSL, that's a lot o' data! ;-)