Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Just got a call from a telemarketer...

And it was the first time in quite a while since the home phone was registered with the National Do Not Call Registry.

He was trying to drum up business for a Chiropractor
somewhere on D.W. Highway in town. The telemarketer said he was calling from New Rochelle, NY and caller ID caught his number as: 845-362-8732 and 'D,R G TELEMARKE'. He said my number must not be on the do not call list since he called me. I just checked with donotcall.gov and we've been on it since 6/29/2003.

I've submitted a complaint and we'll see what happens.


  1. I just got a call from the same telemarketer, searched the number, found your post and filed a complaint. Thanks for easing the way!

  2. Chalk up two. I'd been called before and Googled your page. Have been on the do not call list within days of it becomng available. This is the first time I've filed a complaint. Will start doing it more often.

  3. Me too. Geez.
    Betcha it's a jail.

  4. Thanks Nozell. I've received this same call several times now drumming up business for a chiro in my area as well. It just so happens that I have one. Anyway, they called me a week ago for the same thing. Only thing is my number now rings in Florida instead of Virginia. So I told the lady that her Doctor is not in my area.

    All is good, right? No, they called again today. When I call back I get either a busy or a fax tone. Thanks to you I will be complaining.