Thursday, May 26, 2005

Having fun with

If you add the appropriate tags to your photos on (geotagged, geo:lat=XX.XXX, geo:lon=XX.XXX), then it will automatically be displayed on's augmented Google Maps.

Check out mine. There are a couple other Granite Staters who are playing along too -- crschmidt and StarrGazr


  1. I guess my naive question is: did you have your GPS with you when you took the picture, or did you look it up online afterwards?

    It would be cool if some digital cameras had a GPS option and could record the data in the EXIF headers, wouldn't it?

    Right now, the closest thing I have to GPS is my phone. I've only used the feature a few times, though... mostly as a novelty.

  2. Only the higher end cameras have GPS support. There are a bunch of DIY
    projects and software packages that let you add location information to the EXIF headers. Really all you need is to make sure the clocks on the GPS and camera are in sync, then it is a SMOP. There is a lot of good info here.

    For some of the photos I happened to have the GPS in the car so I'm confident of the location of Rein's Deli and the gym at Sacred Heart University, but the others I've guessed the location using I've found that google aps won't always give me the lat/long in the URL.

  3. Thanks for the info page link. That was interesting. I wonder if any useful searchable GPS based tagging is going on outside of Flickr. Something like Google image search where Google would note the optional EXIF GPS info and be able to show you pictures near a specified longitude and latitude.

    Hey, I didn't see a pushpin for Rein's (in Vernon, CT, right?) Man... Reins! I haven't been there in over six years. I used to stop by their every time I had a customer visit in CT.

    "SMOP" -- love it! Been in computers since 1981 and have never heard that one. ;-) It reminds me of the phrase I hear from our sales channel every so often: "How hard could it be?" We engineers cringe everytime we hear that.

  4. Had you seen this?I finally got a day off from work, and managed to write a little perl script to take my garmin forerunner xml watch data and overlay it on a high-resolution USGS Orthoimage. Another great example of GPS SMOP! ;-)

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