Friday, September 2, 2005

Wendy is writing a series for the Nashua Telegraph

How hard can decluttering a house be?

This is the first in a monthly series about decluttering.

First Article: Books, toys used to create chaos in space

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  1. It should be a fun series. We fight against that on a regular basis. When we outgrow an item we tend to see if there's someone in the extended family who wants it or donate it to a charity or fundraiser. I've done that with things like computers, cameras, etc.

    About once a year we evaluate which of the kids toys are no longer in use and could be donated or (if of little value) tossed. Otherwise Christmas becomes a major overflow event! My nightstand tends to accumulate recent books and periodicals so it needs to be purged regularly. ;-) Our bookshelves were overflowing so 2 years ago we had a much larger wall unit put in. Lastly, this spring I had an "out of season" closet made for things we need to keep but won't be used for several months.

    It is a struggle for some more than others. Most of the homes in our development are similar in capacity. Yet I see many of them parking their cars in their driveway because there's absolutely no room in their two car garage (and I know that they don't have nearly as many kids as you or I do).

    Once in great while decluttering does turn around and bite me. In this story I was temporarily in desparate need of a USB mouse. Last fall I had donated one I had because it was just collecting dust. Luckily, something that common is easy to borrow. Then de-clutter is worth the occasional minor glitch.

    I hope she has fun with the series. It's a good thing you pointed out the story. Skimming the Nashua Telegraph, I would have never made the mental connection between Wendy Thomas and Marc Nozell.

    Enjoy the three day holiday weekend.