Monday, September 15, 2003

Spammers 'hijacking' domain

It looks like some spammer is using my domain name as for the return
address. Starting yesterday I started getting a bunch of bounced email
allegedly from addresses like this:

Here is a selection of the crap that they are sending out:


Subject: Re: fioricet, soma, buspar, prozac, and more prescribed
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Subject: Fwd: get prescription meds to your door - no prior
prescription needed rbthixw juminx wuzeh y m kywdghdyb tt xx
dfzlztjajjzhz lyhnjufi omhb tsntghowomc gjm guuhleytw


Subject: Re: get prescribed viagra, diet pills and much more online!
overnight shipping id pjvunfslev daqrksw qck lrrpqarma tlpkb
ym q tu nk bgl lsc pmppwvlxiageo

Subject: Fwd: ever wanted real soma pills rrvkmqjohenzzvowgseyb


Subject: Re: order status
number%random_number%random_number) fph mbnyhhpbequue zaty
zlhifzh ivb wdgfhbkgoyaw rjoslyduhrh xhrzphcp kbl
aitqveaefytihoir lghshjqs

The last one is interesting because it looks like the jerk messed up
his spamming software.