Saturday, October 18, 2003

East Rochester NY high school graduating class of 1982

The East Rochester High School librarian/district webmaster sent mail yesterday asking folks to update their contact info on the updated website:

I dug out my old Gagashoan yearbook and here is a list of East Rochester, NY High School Graduating Class of 1982:

If you found this page by googling your name, drop me some email. I'd love to hear what you are up to.

Douglas R. Ahern
Linda Maria Alfieri
Gregory Scott Allen
Francis C. Argento, Jr
Laura Marie Anderson
John V. Austin, III
Inges B. Aquino
Mary R. Aquino
Varlerie Anne Bagley
James Baroody
Harland K. Beckwith, Jr
David C. Bellinger
Anthony C. Bingo, Jr
Theresa M. Billings
Keven K. Boden
Timothy D. Boon
Susan Linda Bourgoin
Edward G. Brezee Iii
Lena C. Cagliostro
David Cappiello
Kim Carl
David C. Carver
Darcy Ann Cassarino
Stephen M. Castro
Kimberly A. Conner
Mike Coursen
Rita A. Damiano
John S. D'Angelo
Mary Ann Diciantis
Carol A. Derosa
David P Dezio
Dianne D. Dianetti
Jamie Dianetti
Sue Ann Dimatteo
Aaron P. Estey
Ginny Filiaci
Susan Elizabeth Fitzsimmons
Todd P. Fitzsimmons
Hilary A. Fraser
Debbie Frohm
Marge Frohm
Lisa C. Galante
Nicholas Galante
Chris Georgantonis
Charlie Gorman
Susan M. Griffith
Ember Grummons
Marybeth Hagreen
Christine R. Hallings
Donal A. Herbst, Jr
Geoffery O. Kelly
Christopher Kemp
Thomas J. Kessler
Susan M. Kitchen
David Konopski
John F. Kyle
Cynthia A. Lapietra
Lauri A. Lausin
Karen M. Lazio
Thomas F. Leary
Marie C Leone
David J. Mackie
John Maynard
Lew Mariotti
Stephen Marshall
Jeff Masetta
Randy M. Mchenry
Stacy A. Mcphee
Patrica M. Merritt
Ronnie J. Metzger
Colomba Misseritti
Francis Monachino
Joe Monachino
Brad Moretti
Paul Noel Myers
David Nania
Marc E Nozell
Hoang Thai Nguyen
Tom Pagano
Rosemarie Pallini
Kathy Parravano
Chaz Parker
Robert John Pata
Annette Perrone
Sam Parrone
Martine Polizzi
Marisa P. Porretta
Suzanna H. Prong
Michelle A Prosperi
Jonathan Clifford Pullano
Linda Quenell
Daniel P Quinn
Thomas Raschiatore
Robin Lynn Robison
Byron A. Roby
Haley L. Rood
Ruby B. Roy
James R. Russell
Kristof Schaetzle
Mary A. Scheg
Donna Schicker
Herman Schojan
Kevin Schoonover
Karen A. Scura
Charles K. Shurtleff
Patrick Skillo
Julie Soregi
Donald Spinell
Edward J. Steve
Cliff Stone
Timothy G. Sullivan
Richard Tambasco
Jacquelyne A. Tokarz
Cindy Tando
Cassie Kiyono Titman
Mary Felice N. Tochelli
Lori Vandervoort
Craig Venette
John J Walzcyk
Karen Woodcock

It will be interesting to see if anyone from the class finds this page when googling their name.