Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Are there election dirty tricks being played against Dean?

At 2:15pm today the Dean campaign sent email to their list of NH
voters asking them to get out the vote.

Additionally there was this information:


Dean for America has received reports that Dean supporters are
receiving "robo-calls" telling them incorrect and misleading polling
place information.

If you receive such a call, please call Paul Twomey at the Manchester
headquarters at 603-491-2966. If you have a recording of the
robo-call on your answering machine, please let us know as soon as

You can also have the call traced via the following steps:

1. Immediately after receiving the call, hang up then lift the
receiver and listen for a dial tone.

2. Press *57 (or if you have a rotary phone dial 1157).

3. An announcement will tell you the call was traced and give you
further instructions.

4. You will not receive the number from Verizon. The results of a
successful trace will only be provided to the police or other legal


Great use of the internet to get word out quickly on election day!