Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Voted in the New Hampshire Primary for John Edwards


On the way to drop the girls off at the YMCA, I stopped in and voted.
For a grand total of 5 minutes I was a registered Democrat. With the
Democratic ballot, the clerk handed me a 'change of party affiliation'
form to change back to undeclared after voting.

On the way out there were two organizations taking polls. More like
offering them, since the people running them were just standing there
and we had to ask to take the survey. One was from the LA Times and
had a middle/left of center slant and had a number of 'pick 3 of 12'
of most important issues. The other was by CNN/Fox/etc which came in
two versions, both were definitely right of center. On Wendy's they
asked if the "Dean Scream" had any impact on voting. Mine asked a if
'electablity' was a factor. Outside the school, there were two Dean
people asking if they their campaign had ever contacted us and if so
asked to remove us from their list. Clearly they are going to be
calling everyone on their list who hasn't yet voted.

Man, look
at all the other 'minor' candidates on the ballot.

Complete list of candidates on the NH Democratic Primary ballot:

* Katherine Bateman (Chicago, IL)
* Carol Moseley Braun (Chicago, IL)
* Harry W. Braun III (Phoenix, AZ)
* Willie Felix Carter (Fort Worth, TX)
* Wesley K. Clark (Little Rock, AK)
* "Randy" Crow (Wilmington, NC)
* Howard Dean (Burlington, VT)
* Gerry Dokka (Atlanta, GA)
* John Edwards (Raleigh, NC)
* "Dick" Gephardt (St. Louis, MO)
* Mildred Glover (Baltimore, MD)
* Vincent S. Hamm (Golden, CO)
* John F. Kerry (Boston, MA)
* Caroline Pettinato Killeen (Scranton, PA)
* Dennis J. Kucinich (Cleveland, OH)
* Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr (Round Hill, VA) -- he even has signs in Merrimack
* R. Randy Lee (New York, NY)
* "Joe" Lieberman (New Haven, CT)
* Robert H. Linnell (Lebanon, NH)
* Edward Thomas O'Donnell, Jr (Lebanon, NH)
* Fern Penna (Kingston, NY)
* "Al" Sharpton (Brooklyn, NY)
* Leonard Dennis Talbow (Scottsdale, AZ)