Wednesday, January 7, 2004

John Kerry event with Chili at Merrimack, NH VFW hall

Man a long event! We got there at 7 and left around 9:30! The kids
were well behaved but tired. I have scratched notes on my palm pilot,
but translation to english and blogging it will have to wait until


* very good, but non-Atkins, chili
* Mostly middle age, middle/upper middle class income crowd
* warmed up the crowd with a couple of jokes
* rude female heckler interruped a few times (education, taxes, why
did you Kerry & Sheehen do more when in office) who left early
* mostly well rounded stump speech, number of promises if elected,
executive orders, fair tax code, health care for all, military,
jobs, jobs, jobs, oil dependancy -> fund hydrogen
research/development, etc.
* NH Voters for me because only I can beat Bush, don't use your vote
to 'make a point'
* our 12 yr old had the last question "What makes you different from
all the other candidates?" (a surprise to my wife and I who didn't
prompt him)
* afterwards chatted up Kerry's literal coat holder about Bush's
immigration policy announcement (Kerry didn't mention it) and that
our particular issues were public education/special education and
civil liberties. He also dragged Kerry over for a picture with the

On the way home Wendy and I talked about whether 'voting to make a
point' is the right thing to do to have someone beat Bush, so I guess
Kerry did his job.

For the brave, here are my notes directly from the palm pilot...


cold - cheny
dont see to mulh - comp conserj
fire fight
$ in irhq - not in us
not bush lite - not lite mil/fair midh
dress up bush
loss jobs
$ unfair
lobby - polut - big Bus - big Ag
money - to law
misson accomdlishe
lay off gwb
no pac $
money cink uotes
right to living wage
tyco - corporate mug ameaic
some on enaon in jail
tax code -no ins to move overssas
write exe order no lobby 5yr
all meetng - w lob official record
truman vision - health care for all - personal - prost cured
bro of teacher - #what have you done# - bush cut a deal
repub to vote
nice spin - this dem
bush no $ in no child
will fullh fund no child (40 sped)
aud- mih age
no hostage youn die to mid oil
more 500m jobs - hydrogen
lose nukes - global warm - book : new war - over extended mil need work with o
some want to raise tax
nat sec
who can beat gwb - dont just send mgg
harry sherr from harvard center?
Q1- health care - salary - for profit
kids covere
q2 - dave -
tax on rich - fed pay catastric - 1000 tax cut
q3 - russian democacacy on decline trust russia
q4 how win? Buildinq momemti
gwb/rove - standup to bush