Friday, January 16, 2004 is spamming me

I just got the SPAM email below offering to market my restaurant.
Clearly they got my email from scrapping the web or somewhere because
I never use to register at websites.

REMEMBER: Don't do business with companies that use Unsolicited
Commerical Email (UCE) to market. It is an unethical marketing
technique. Thanks!

Start of Junk email from Gold Lasso

Subject: New Restaurant Marketing
X-Subscriberid: 500153
X-Scheduleid: 923
Reply-To: Rebecca Matthews <>
From: Rebecca Matthews <>

Serve up some marketing that your customers
will really remember!

Email Marketing for Restaurants
E-mail marketing is taking the restaurant industry by storm.
You no longer have to spend a hefty fee on a cable TV spot or
coupon booklets. With Gold Lasso?s Restaurant Marketing Program,
you can identify your best customers, efficiently communicate
with them, and reward their loyalty. You can even ask for referrals.
All via e-mail!

- No technology to buy
- No computers or software to setup
- No data to enter

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Gold Lasso is a full-service e-mail marketing firm that can help
you get customers in the door and keep them coming back. You have
real-time access to your Gold Lasso account via our Web site so you
know immediately which promotions are working and which are not.
Don?t wait! Contact us now to find out how we can help promote your
restaurant via e-mail.

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