Friday, January 16, 2004

Reply from

I replied to the unsolicited email offer pointing to my blog and got a
quick reply at 17:18 from "Elie D. Ashery", the President & CEO,
with the warning at the end of the email:
This email is considered original works and cannot be published in whole or
in part without the express written consent of Gold Lasso, Inc.

So my interpretation of what he had to say.

-> Sends his sincere apologies for any inconvience and will
investigate how my email got on one of their marketing lists. I
appreciate that and am actually interested to see what he finds out.

-> Stated that Gold Lasso complies with the 'CANN SPAM Act
legislation' and respects out-opt. That too is nice to see.
Personally I'd prefer opt-in to these and other marketing mailing

-> Unfortunately it ends on a sour note when he warns me that he takes
'serious offense for insinuating' that they engage in unethical
business practices. He considers my statements libel will take
legal action if what I write prevents him from doing his business.

I've since clicked on the link in the original email to have my email
address removed and presume I will never receive email from their
marketing lists.


  1. I just started receiving spam from GoldLasso this past week also. However in my case they have me listed somehow as a "senior estate advisor", wihch is more than a little off. Their opt-out link takes me to a page where they want me to log-in with my username and password, which I don't have of course, since I never heard of them before their spam started arriving. Like you, I am receiving this at an email address that is not normally used for any website logins, so I am not certain where they got my address. I will say, however, that I consider this to be pure SPAM, completely unsolicited, and if they wish to contact me with threats, I welcome the challenge. I will tell whomever I please that they are hitting me with completely unsolicited junk email, and I dare them to prove otherwise.

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