Sunday, January 11, 2004

Trying out a new RSS Aggregator

I've been messing around with Dave Winer's new href="">OPML sharing site and adding a
bunch of feeds to href="">Amphetadesk/AmphetaOutline.
For some reason it isn't showing a bunch of sites as having new news
(come on, nothing from in 3

This evening on got some email from the author of href="">liferea who said he had
fixed a problem with the HTTP headers of my server and recommended
trying out the version (0.4.7) from CVS. It works! Thanks Lars!

So, I'm going to switch for a week to liferea exclusively and see how
that goes.

One thing that I'm going to miss is one click to add a feed from href=""> to my
aggregator. I don't see how liferea could insinuate itself into the