Friday, January 23, 2004

Working on more complete 'share your opml' perl example

I've been hacking on a perl script that will 1) get the list of shared
opmls from feeds.scripting 2) put it in a table using a sqlite
database 3) iterate over all of them and grab the users blogroll and
also put them in an sql table.

Unfortunately when I turn it loose on all 600+ users, it dies on the 20th one o
r so with a strange message about trying to modify a read
only variable. The line is in an XML::Parser callback and looks
pretty innocuous:

my ($j1, $feedname, $j2, $type, $j3, $xmlurl) = @_;

I then tried iterating from the 'bottom' of the list of users (SELECT
userid, person, url FROM users ORDER BY userid DESC) and that cranks
through a few hundred users and then dies deep in the guts of
XML::Parser complaining about invalid string or other.


I'll do some more thinking out loud later.